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Auto Insurance Coverage for Personal Cars and Trucks
Owning a vehicle, no matter how often you drive it, likely means you need car insurance. Most people, experts or not, would agree that driving without auto insurance is simply an irresponsible act. In fact, many states consider it unlawful for motorists to operate vehicles without mandatory minimum insurance, so uninsured drivers risk facing considerable fines if caught driving without required coverage. Car finance and leasing companies may include auto insurance provisions in the repayment agreement requiring the registered owner maintain minimum coverage on the vehicle equal to at least the current payoff amount on the loan.
An auto insurance policy provides protection in some combination of collision, liability, theft, and related coverage(s) to protect you, others, and your car:
Auto Coverage Options
Bodily Injury Liability
Collision Coverage
Comprehensive Coverage
Medical Payments or Personal Injury Protection
Property Damage Liability
Replacement Value Coverage
Uninsured and Underinsured Motorist Coverage
SR-22 (SR22) High Risk Coverage

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